Cool Runnings Cruises – The Anthurium Flowerflower 1

Cool Runnings Cruises – Ocho Rios knows that you are probably very familiar with the waxy bloom of an anthurium plant.

But did you know that about 1 000 species belong to this genus?

Did you know that the flowers are on the spadix, which is the long thin shape that comes up out of the flatter, waxy surface, which is called the spathe?

Commercial growers have successfully produced a wide variety of colors from white, salmon pink, orange and the bright red you see here.

Photo of anthuriums by Sandy Squire Leaf it to us, Corp

Cool Runnings – Growing Anthuriums

Cool Runnings Cruises – Ocho Rios can tell you that Anthuriums can be grown indoors as houseplants. Wikipedia states that indoors the plant flourishes at temperatures from 16°C to 22°C (60°F to 72°F).

Anthuriums are usually grown on a fibrous bed, not soil, from ‘suckers’, and the plants can take several months to mature.

To keep your Anthurium flowering indoors, you should place in bright, but indirect light. If the light is too low they may produce only leaves. These plants prefer well-drained soil, so don’t have them sitting in the wet, so water them well then let them dry out in between. Some suggest a peat-based medium for potted plants. They do need fertilizer, WikiHow suggests doing this “cautiously” with a “slow release 3:1:2 fertilizer and dilute it to 1/4 the recommended strength”. (For more tips go here:

Cool Runnings – Magical Beauty of Nature

A friend tells of a visit to the hills of Saint Ann where thousands of Anthuriums were being grown for export. The plants were carefully reared under veils of green shade cloth. The hills of Saint Ann are known for their cooler, damper climate.

It was magical,” said our friend.

All these anthuriums growing in the silence, their bright spathes glowing against the green back drop of the shade cloth.” Then she added, “All those blooms together reminded me of sunsets over Ocho Rios.”

Possibly like one of those sunsets you see when you are out on a Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises – Ocho Rios.