If you are staying at a hotel in Jamaica you can expect a buffet style breakfast where you can choose whatever you want to eat. But, you may ask, what are Jamaicans eating for breakfast, do they even get to sit down or do they eat breakfast on the run like so many of us – Standing at a counter, swishing down a quick coffee and buying a muffin to eat on the run.

Here Cool Runnings boat cruises can tell you something about how people eat breakfast in Jamaica. We have asked a few people so you can get an idea of the various approaches.
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Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises – Johnny Cake

As we know Jamaica is still linked up with the Commonwealth and we only gained independence in 1968, so for some breakfast is very much like an English style breakfast with the eggs and the bacon, but Cool Runnings boat cruises knows that we have our own variations which includes adding some fried dumpling, what we call Journey Cake, or Johnny Cake and maybe some sweet fried plantain. We might also add to this a few slices of Pear, but we are actually talking about that sweet, soft, avocado pear that some of us have growing in our yard.
We also know some folks who get up before the sun and by the time it is breakfast time for the rest of us they are ready for something more substantial.

One of our friends used to wait to have her breakfast with the cattlemen, because they would sit around a fire where they had cooked up a fine pot of food filled with what we know in Jamaica as ground provisions, because, as you will see, they come from the ground. This mix of good food would include yam, green banana, and breadfruit, dumplings and maybe there would be a little meat in there to make the broth taste sweet and nice.

But, breakfast in Jamaica would not be breakfast for some without our good old hard dough bread. For some this has the consistency of cardboard, others may disagree. We love it and find it the best thing to dip into a hot sweet drink made from Milo or Ovaltine or hot “chaklit” (chocolate in patois).fruit

But for others of us the only good breakfast is the choice of fruit. Cool Runnings boat cruise favorites are fresh ripe bananas, mangoes, pineapple and paw paw or papaya. All followed up of course with our very best Jamaican coffee. Oh, and don’t forget the cornmeal porridge and how could we forget salt fish and ackee!

And did we mention fried fish and bammy?
Which reminds me; we must run now and catch our Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruise setting off from Mahogany Bay in Ocho Rios.

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