Cool Runnings Catamarans is a cruise up the coastline of Jamaica, from Mahogany Beach to Dunn’s River. If you are looking for a great way to spend a day on the water with your family in Ocho Rios then this is the way to go!

As far as sailing in Ocho Rios is concerned, there is simply no better way to spend your vacation time! The boat(s) leave the port at Mahogany Beach at 12:30 pm and sail for a short distance until they get to a reef, where they provide snorkelling equiptment for each passenger as you are getting ready to jump in for a 30-45 min swim up the reef and the underwater sights are spectacular. Loads of fish of all different types and the time alloted is perfect so that everyone gets to check out the sights and no one gets badly sunburned! You might want to bring some sunblock however, if your skin is sensitive as this is the Caribbean we are talking about here ūüôā Life jackets are compulsory and weaker swimmers get red ones so that they can be clearly seen by crew members.

Once back on board, the sail continues up the coast to Dunn’s River Falls. This, if you have not heard about it already, is one of Jamaica’s most stunning natural attractions. Ocho Rios got its name because it is said to have eight rivers, the English translation for the Spanish term, Ocho Rios. Dunn’s River is by far the most spectacular of these. All passengers are given bands that allow them access to the Falls and a guided tour to climb the falls ensues. If any passenger chooses not to climb, they can either walk up the steps beside the falls, so that they can take pictures and enjoy the scenery without the climb, or they can swim in the sea and stay on the beach until their friends and family members return.

The climb of Dunn’s River Falls takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, after which everyone boards the boat and this is when the party action begins. Pulsating Reggae music and other types of dance music play to a back drop of Caribbean sea, sun and land marks of the coastline as thw boat sails back towards the pier. Complimentary Rum Punch and Red Stripe are served freely or of course fruit punch if one prefers. This is an amazing time for all. The local dance moves are taught to passengers by the friendly crew and no one is ready to disembark when the boat pulls in to the port.

This tour is called the Snorkel Dunn’s River Cruise and one of the tour options available from Cool Runnings Catamarans Jamaica.

You can book it now or please feel free to speak with our online chat representative, or if they are offline, simply leave a message and we will contact you as soon as they are back online.