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Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises blog post looks at the weather.

We are reminded of this because a friend was telling us about how, when she was a child growing up on a farm in Jamaica, the rain always seemed to fall after lunch.
She spoke of how first there was a breeze and she could hear the leaves on the trees rustling. Then she was packed off to bed for the obligatory childhood nap.

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There would be the scent of damp, but fresh and light bringing with it the perfume of the earth. My friend says she would be lulled to sleep by the patter of rain drops. The shower burst seemed to last only as long as her nap; when she got up the countryside around seemed to be brushed and washed clean. The sunlight sparkled even brighter on the world washed clean.

We at Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises then started to think about holidays and rain, sun and the sea. There are some websites where you can get weather information, and pretty much fairly complete, before you even book. You click on the link and you pick the month that you want to travel and up comes the average temperatures for the time you are thinking of going away.

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One site is Holiday Weather, we experimented with Ocho Rios (where else) for November and you can find your way here You will find the highs and lows in Centigrade and Fahrenheit, so you won’t need to be converting from the one to the other just to know what to pack, which is never very difficult.

You will also find hours of sunshine, for November you get seven straight hours of sun. This means that the days will not be as hot as they can be over the summer months. Comfortably warm to hot. Well, actually there is a 60 percent chance of you having a sunny day. You can on average expect around eleven days of rainfall in November. Now we always hope that all eleven days don’t suddenly line up together as soon as you and your family step off the plane to visit Jamaica!

Oh, and you are also told how warm you can expect the sea to be. On the day we looked for November we found 29°C or, if you prefer 84°F. We find that quite comfortable for swimming. Chances of rain or wind in November are both 40 percent. Jamaica is kissed by the Trade Winds so you can always expect a soft breeze to fill sails, and did I say sails?

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